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10 exquisite paintings of Malta you need to have on your walls


A picture can tell a thousand words, which is good news because Malta must be one of the most photogenic islands in Europe.

From charming countryside views to street scenes, and incredible coastlines to rich history, Malta has it all in terms of stunning scenery.

Artist Jacqueline Agius from Attard has taken full advantage of Malta’s stunning views in her charming watercolour paintings.

Her latest works of paintings of Malta are mind-blowingly beautiful.

The colours are vibrant and the light unmistakably that of sunny Malta.

Jacqueline describes her work as ‘everyday scenes from Malta and Gozo’.

She said: ‘I’m an artist specialising in watercolour painting.

‘Through art I am primarily interested in depicting the beauty of the world around us.

‘I love the landscape with its wide open spaces, the glittering sea and especially the warm stone buildings standing proud against the skyline.’

As a child growing up in a creative family art was never a difficult task.

She was highly influenced by her talented artistic father, Edwin Conti and cultivated a passion for architecture and a love for drawing and painting.

Her first formal artistic education began when she studied art at St Joseph School in Blata l-Bajda.

Later she followed courses at the School of Art in Valletta.

Jacqueline’s paintings of Malta developed as the years went by. However preferring watercolours she painted away at buildings and landscapes, reflecting her everyday life and surroundings at the time.

After the birth of her two sons, her creativity took the shape of murals in the children’s bedrooms.

It was only many years later that with the help of a couple of established artists she discovered that finding new ways of expressing herself through painting was exciting.

She embarked on a professional artist career and started exhibiting publicly in 2007.

Jacqueline loves the landscape with its wide open spaces, the glittering sea and particularly the warm stone buildings standing proud against the skyline.

Her works don’t only capture recognisable landmarks, they capture the light, colour and forms of the locations whilst offering personal interpretations of those places.

Her watercolours can be found in private and corporate collections both in Malta and overseas.

Check out some of Jacqueline’s gorgeous paintings of Malta below:


1. Victoria Gate, Valletta

Victoria Gate painting of Malta

2. Cathedral Square, Mdina

cathedral square mdina

3. Mgarr Harbour, Gozo

Gozo painting of Malta

4. Village Feast, Balzan

Balzan Village feast painting of Malta

5. Spinola Bay, St Julian’s

spinola bay in st julian's

6. Marsascala Bay

Marsascala bay

7. Mensija Sanctuary, San Gwann

mensija sanctuary

8. Balluta Bay, St Julian’s

Balluta Bay painting of Malta

9. Lower Barrakka Gardens, Valletta

lower barakka gardens

10. Sqaq Bir L-Iljun, Rabat

Rabat painting of Malta

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