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9 of Malta’s most spectacular sunrises EVER


The early bird catches the worm — or at least the perfect sunrise.

In Malta, that means waking up around 5.30am and heading to one location for the perfect sunrise picture.

That place of course is Ta’ Xbiex seafront next to the Royal Malta Yacht Club.

Nowhere else in Malta guarantees a stunning sunrise shot almost every morning.

Ta’ Xbiex seafront – with Valletta on the right and Manoel Island on the left – is easily the best location for the perfect Maltese sunrise photo to brighten up your Instagram feed.

Take a look, below, and you’ll see what we mean:

1. Sensational by Dunstan Crockford


2. Sunrise by Angele Satariano


3. Stunning by Szymon Capinski

Stunning sunrise by Szymon Capinski

4. Super by Juan Pablo Ruiz

Super by Juan Pablo Ruiz

5. Spectacular by Soraya Lavasani


6. Splendid by Matthias Kundt

Splendid by Matthias Kundt

7. Superb by Alfred Coppola


8. Special by Joe Mifsud

Special by Joe Mifsud

9. Summer by Julian Bajada

Summer by Julian Bajada

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