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10 of the greatest Gozo sunsets you’ll ever see

Gozo is known for many things.

But one of the island’s best features – which also happens to be completely free – is its stunning sunsets.

Every evening, you’ll catch dozens of people flocking to the tiny seaside village of Xlendi to watch the glowing golden sun dip down into the Mediterranean Sea.

Can you blame them?

The sunsets between the cliffs at Xlendi Bay are beyond breathtaking.

1. Stunning sunset by Courtney Farrugia

Stunning gozo sunset

2. Golden sunset by Victor Zammit

Golden sunset in Golden by Victor Zammit

3. Dramatic sunset by Aaron Snyder

Dramatic Gozo sunset by Aaron Snyder

4. Yellow sunset by Trevor James

Yellow sunset in gozo by Trevor James

5. Awesome sunset by Gina Vella

Awesome gozo sunset by Gina Vella

6. Fiery sunset by Doriana Busuttil

Fiery sunset gozo by Doriana busuttil

7. Beautiful sunset by Stef Tanti

Beautiful gozo sunset by Stef Tanti

8. Awesome sunset by Mike Gordon

Awesome sunset by Mike Gordon

9. Spectacular sunset by Yanika Vella

Spectacular sunset by Yanika Vella

10. Glowing sunset by Gina Vella

Glowing sunset by Gina Vella

Bonus! Perfect sunset by Peter Russell


Have you snapped a great Gozo sunset pic?

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