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5 other Azure Windows you must see in Malta


Malta and Gozo will forever remember the 8th of March as the day that we lost the Azure window.

As the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens … or in this case when one window closes, another one opens.

With the fall of the Azure window, which can now only be viewed under waters by divers frequenting the area, other windows quickly gained popularity.

Here are 5 alternatives to the infamous Azure window that you can visit in both Malta and Gozo.

1. Wied il- Mielah

wied il-mielah window in Gozo

This has to be the closest resemblance to the naturally formed Azure window that there is in both Malta and Gozo.

If you’re looking to visit a place with more than one sight to explore, you’re on the right track, as to reach this window you must pass from a valley of flowers which are simply perfect to explore in the spring and autumn season.

Getting to this particular window in Gharb is an adventure within itself, with a bit of an off-road way to drive. If you plan on trekking your way to Wied il-Mielah, we recommend you take enough beverages and snacks with you along the way as you won’t find gabbanas readily available while you’re making your way to your destination.

Alternatively, you can get as close as you’d like to the window if you travel by boat, which is also, in our opinion the nicest option when visiting this window.  

2. Marsaskala Window

Marsaskala window

You don’t need to travel to Gozo to have a look at this one. When visiting this one, don’t expect to see anything as big as the Azure window. Compared to the windows in Gozo, this one is quite tiny, but it is still something created by Mother Nature for you to see.

You’ll find this window by walking along the coastline of San Tumas, and if you visit during the warm season, you can even go for a swim underneath the window itself. You can still admire the Marsascala window from a walking distance.

3. Marks and Dukes window in Mellieha

marks and dukes window in Mellieha Malta

This location is not for the faint hearted as getting to this window will require a bit of a hiking effort from your part. The best way to reach this destination is to drive up to the end of the road to l-Ahrax tal-Mellieha and park in front of the little chapel.

Next up, take the path along the cliff side and you’ll be walking for around 20-30 minutes before reaching your destination. Not to worry though, as the path way will keep you more than busy with all the breath taking views in front of you and the nature scenes along the way.

Once you reach the destination of the Marks and Dukes window, what you’ll see in front of you is a picturesque view of the crystal clear light blue seas. If that view doesn’t take your breath away, we don’t know what will!

4. Ghar Hanex Winow in Qrendi

Ghar Hanex window  in Qrendi

Probably the smallest of windows from all the alternatives to the Azure window, with quite the challenge to arrive to the final destination in Qrendi. You’ll have to climb quite a steep hill and at times sit down on the uneven rock formation and slowly go down the path, but still definitely worth the effort when you arrive and see the beautifully formed window at the end of the hike.

It won’t be as easy to walk on top of the window as you would with the others, however, you can still take the perfect shot of this window from a small distance.

5. The Inland Sea opening

Inland Sea Opening

More than a window, this natural beauty is more similar to a cave tunnel that only allows the equivalent of a Maltese luzzu and other small boats to pass through.  Situated near Dwejra Bay in Gozo, your best bet to view the Inland sea opening is to take a boat ride around the area.

This area is quite popular with divers, with some considering the Inland Sea opening to be the best diving spot in Malta. Having said this, if you’re a tourist and you’re not that keen on diving, you can still enjoy this natural wonder in a number of ways.

Apart from getting on a boat and making your way to a sightseeing tour from the water, you can also take a walk around the cliffs.

No matter which route you pick, one thing is for sure, your tour would not be complete without a camera to snap the perfect shot of the mesmerising sight in front of you.

Cover photo thanks to Joseph Attard

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