Your Easy Guide to Malta

7 awesome reasons to learn English in Malta


English language teaching is well established in the Maltese Islands

Forget London, New York or Sydney.

If you’re thinking about improving your English skills, why not do it in Malta?

Here are seven awesome reasons why you should come here to study English:

  • It’s not just studying English during your course, but also being immersed in an English speaking environment. You have the opportunity to improve your English everywhere you go in Malta.
  • Malta was a British colony for more than 160 years, which is why English is one of the two official languages spoken in Malta. 
  • You’ll meet hundreds of people just like you, who came to Malta just to learn English. Moreover, it’s an island that’s used to welcoming visitors and it’s full of young people
  • The Maltese are generally very friendly and hospitable. Almost everyone is ready to help you or just speak to you.
  • You’ll have two holidays in one: language learning and a Mediterranean experience. Here, you’ll find that warm Maltese hospitality blends perfectly with British traditions to create a charm unique to the Maltese Islands.
  • Enjoy Malta’s glorious sunshine, stunning scenery and all sorts of activities from sports to cultural tours. Language schools organise extra-curricular programmes to help you make the most of your stay in Malta.
  • Malta is ready to give you a lot of opportunities, so it’s not just about learning English. You can easily get work experience here: the Maltese job market is really active and the economy is booming. If you’re thinking of launching your career, maybe Malta can be the start of it!
Bugibba, Malta

There are more 40 professional language schools in Malta and Gozo, offering a range of courses.

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