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8 fantastic ways to spend your day in Sliema


You can’t fly over to Malta without paying a visit to Sliema, with all the restaurants, bars, shops and views waiting to be explored.

Here are 8 fantastic things to do in Sliema.

1. Shopping

sliema shopping

That’s probably one the main reasons you’ll be visiting Sliema anyway, considering the diversity and amount of shops you’ll find in the area. There is an influx of clothing outlets there, with some accessory shops and lots of souvenir stores.

With two shopping complexes and so many shop stops in between, Sliema is most definitely a shopper’s dream come true.

2. Visit the Maltese Souvenir Bus

malta souvenir bus in sliema

A souvenir shop with a difference. This traditional Maltese bus was transformed into a souvenir shop. Yes, you read that right, a traditional Maltese bus selling souvenirs. You can climb aboard this beauty and choose a nice little token of Malta to take home with you.

Something you’ll want to put both on your Sliema bucket list and on your Instagram feed.

3. Hit the beach

surfside beach in sliema

If you’re looking for a rocky beach to visit, then Sliema is one of your go-to locations. With Sliema Surfside, Exiles and Qui Si-Sana all in Sliema, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to picking your perfect beach spot.

There are plenty of amenities, bars and restaurants to grab a drink or something to eat.

4. Walk along the promenade

sliema promenade

As the saying goes, when in Rome, do as the romans do, so when you’re in Sliema you should definitely take a walk along the promenade.

You’ll find many residents jogging, or taking their dog out for a walk within the area, but as a tourist, you’ll probably be too focused on the gorgeous view in front of you to notice.

5. Enjoy one of the best Valletta views

valletta from sliema view

As you’re walking along the Sliema promenade, the gorgeous view of Valletta is bound to grab your attention.

If you’re visiting Sliema for this view, the best time would be at dusk, just so you can watch the sun setting behind the Valletta skyline across Sliema creek.

6. Have a bite or two to eat

lunch in Sliema

The toughest choice you’ll have here is picking which restaurant you’ll be eating in. Our tip is this: think about what you’re in the mood for; whatever the answer is, you’ll find an option for it in Sliema.

From Asian, to American, Indian, Turkish, Italian, Maltese – need we go on?

7. Chill at a bar during happy hour

drink in Sliema

After a long day of shopping, eating and beaching it, you’ll probably feel like a drink in one of the many cocktail bars and pubs in the area.

There’s no rush here, as these usually stay open well past midnight. And hey, if it’s closing time for the pubs and you still feel like staying out, consider heading to St Julian’s and continue on the party there!

8. Take a ferry ride to Valletta

ferry ride to Valletta from Sliema

So you’ve seen the view of Valletta and want to take a closer look. A faster alternative to the bus would be to grab the ferry, which will take you right to Valletta.

After the pleasant 15 minute boat ride to Valletta, you’ll probably want to check out how to spend your time there, so here are 10 things you can do in Valletta.

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