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AMP Lost & Found: Maximise your stay in Malta


Flying down to Malta for AMP Lost & Found? With a line-up like that, we don’t blame you!

Amp Lost&Found 2019 line up

The idea of flying home the day after the event is brutal – you’re going to need some down time after the event, and there’s no better way to do that than to extend your stay in Malta and explore the island in all its glory.

The dates for the event are perfect for this too – between the 2-5th May the weather will be ideal; not too hot and not too cold, leaving you with loads of options to do what you love most.

Where to stay:

The 5th edition of AMP Lost & Found will be in Qawra, which is in the northern area of Malta, so if you’re staying for longer, you’ll probably want to move away from there and go somewhere a bit more central.

St Julian’s is one of the most central locations on the island and is brimming with things to do. It’s one of those locations where you can easily opt to stay in the area and explore every nook and cranny, or catch one of the various buses passing through to visit other places.

holiday inn express

Want to stay in a good value hotel, where you can see the beach from your balcony yet remain central to all the island’s landmarks and amenities? Then you should definitely stay at the Holiday Inn Express – an affordable hotel in the heart of St Julian’s.

If you need a bit more convincing, here are 10 reasons why you should stay at the Holiday Inn Express.

Unwinding in Malta:

Let’s face it, after a four-day festival you will probably want to chill and gain your energy back before heading back home and into you every-day routine, so here are some suggestions on how you can do just that on a sunny island like Malta!

For the Foodies out there:

paranga view

With the sun in full swing and the sea as inviting as ever, you’ll want to opt for eating at a restaurant with a fantastic sea-side view. While Malta is bustling with eating establishments that will most definitely satisfy the biggest foodie amongst us, we do have our own recommendations.

Paranga is a gorgeous sea side restaurant situated in St Julian’s with a part of its floors built over the sea itself. Known mostly for their seafood dishes, this restaurant is not only an Instagram lover’s paradise but also a foodie’s dream come true!

For the Beach Goers:

st george's bay

You can’t visit Malta in good weather without paying a visit to one of the various beaches in the vicinity!

If you’re in the St Julian’s area and plan on staying there, St George’s Bay is your go-to beach destination. That’s not your only option though, as anywhere from the North to the South of the island, you’ll find a beach cut out for you. Sandy or rocky beaches, you name it; just take your pick!

For the Spa Lovers:

carisma spa hamam bath

What better way to unwind after AMP Lost & Found than to treat yourself to the spa? Carsima Spas in St Julian’s offer anything from facials to hot stone massages and anti-stress treatments to get your energy back up and have you as relaxed as ever before you head back home!

For the Nature Enthusiasts:

view from Dingli

Whether it’s finding scenic routes to take a walk in, or parks and friendly places to just visit and chill in, Malta has various green patches and locations that nature enthusiasts will definitely enjoy. Be it a walk down chadwick lakes, or sitting on a bench at Dingli cliffs, these places are definitely worth a visit if all you want to do is relax in some fresh air.

For the Instagram worthy seekers:

Mdina colourful doors

Malta has got loads of landmarks to visit that are Instagram worthy. Depending on what you like, you can go to more popular places, like the silent city of Mdina to take a shot of the multiple coloured #MdinaDoors. If you’re more into places off the beaten track, and don’t mind traveling to remote locations, places like the Chinese Garden are bound to lighten up your Instagram feed.

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