Your Easy Guide to Malta

Beach havens to visit by boat around the Maltese Islands


The sea brings with it calm and serenity – the sound of waves crashing against the rocky shores, fresh sea air – all these elements bring out feelings of peace and relaxation which are often devoid in our chaotic lives. The Maltese Islands offer idyllic beach havens, accessible by boat and some on foot, which are guaranteed to bring you to a long-lost state of relaxation.

Red and orange hues reflect the seas under natural cliffs

Tal-Imgħarqa is a sandy beach located under the Mellieha cliffs known as L-Aħrax. When sunset comes, the beautiful terracotta colours of the cliffs reflect on the crystal blue waters, turning the sea into hues of amber and red. This is a perfect location if you’re looking for a romantic spot accessible by boat.

A secluded bay in Gozo

Daħlet Qorrot in Gozo is a secluded beach which is accessible by boat and from land. Located close to the village of Nadur in Gozo, this quiet bay often frequented by local fisherman, offers a quiet place to enjoy a snorkel in clear blue waters. It also has a pebbly beach making it easy to swim from land.

A spot of diving for beginners

For a great spot to begin your diving hobby, look no further than Hondoq ir-Rummien, Gozo. Accessible by boat and from land, the bay offers crystal clear blue waters and is located directly opposite Comino. It can also be reached from the village of Qala in Gozo.

Rocky terrain, natural cliffs by a secluded bay

For a secluded experience, try the bay located under the cliffs of Rdum il-Biez, which are 25 meters above sea level. The bay is only accessible by boat and offers a unique place to enjoy some privacy. You can reach it by heading towards St Paul’s Islands and before reaching the islands, head left, to an inlet embedded between cliffs.

Marine life and natural rock formation

Nestled at the edge of Mellieha Bay before turning to Armier, you will find Slug’s Bay. The bay offers a shallow reef with a depth of approximately 5-10 meters which is ideal for free diving. There’s plenty of marine life, and in August, is abundant in a rare-indigenous plant pancratium.

Want to discover more about visiting the Maltese Islands by boat?

There are many boat companies around Malta and Gozo which offer private chartered boat trips with a skipper service. If you have a boating license, you can even rent a boat and visit all these unique places without the need of a skipper.

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