Your Easy Guide to Malta

Breathtaking snorkelling spots around Malta and Gozo


If you’re an avid swimmer looking to swim your way through the crystal blue waters of Malta and Gozo, we have you covered. Snorkelling allows you to explore marine life around the Maltese archipelago with little equipment. It’s an ideal way of enjoying animals inhabiting the sea without investing too much time and money.

The importance of wind direction

Malta, a result of its small size, creates a snorkellers’ paradise – you can change your destination depending on the direction of the wind. If the wind is coming from the west, you need to visit locations in the east and vice versa. This will guarantee a pleasant sea-exploring experience.

Cave visits

It is well-known that there are many cave diving opportunities. But what if you’re not an experienced diver? The Maltese Islands offer various natural caves which are accessible to snorkellers. If you drive west to the outskirts of Siggiewi, down a long-winding road, you’ll come to a rocky beach, popular among fishermen, known as Ghar Lapsi. The beach gives access to a pool and natural caves with an abundance of fish.

Plenty of fish in the sea

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Accessible only by boat or kayak, in the west of the island, Il-Qammieh in Mellieha is one of the top snorkelling spots. Located behind the popular bay of Ghadira, Il-Qammieh offers a shallow reef, rich in marine life. Anchor Bay in Mellieha and the Blue Hole in Gozo also offer waters rich in sea creatures and are easily accessible from land.

A spot of historical significance

Take a trip to Gozo and head to the rocky beach of San Lawrence and witness remnants of the historical Azure Window. Formed in the 19th century, the popular tourist attraction, consisting of a natural arch made of rock, was iconic until its collapse in 2017. This piece of history can still be seen under water when snorkelling around the area of where it once stood.

Crystal blue waters

Sail to Comino by boat and immerse yourself in its clear waters. The idyllic island offers clear waters all around the island but particularly in the area of Santa Maria which offers natural caves and plenty of sea life. You can even feed the fish bread and they will come so close, they might even touch you.

Looking for more than just a snorkel?

You can combine your underwater swimming activity with a boat trip around the Maltese Islands. Or better still, add some culture to your snorkel expedition and visit the numerous world heritage sites around Malta and Gozo, some of which are found near snorkelling spots.  

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