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Malta named ‘one of the friendliest places on Earth’

Malta has been named ‘one of the friendliest places on Earth’.

Travel blogger Alexis Zahner, who writes for the Huffington Post, was full of praise for the Maltese Islands in her holiday article.

She wrote: ‘Malta is the gem of the Mediterranean Sea.

‘Simply imagine one of the friendliest places you’ve ever been.

‘Whether it’s history you want to discover or just the best beaches to relax, you can do it all in Malta.’

Maltese sea

The Huffington Post travel writer praised Malta’s mild weather, ‘incredible’ culture, ‘delicious’ food and ‘lively’ nightlife.

She added: ‘Maltese people are famed for their friendliness and easy going nature, this filters through in every way to the atmosphere of the country.

‘You’ll always be greeted with a smile.

‘Maltese people are literally too friendly to be anything else, making this an extremely safe country to travel especially for solo and female travellers.’

St.Peters pool

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