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A Game of Thrones Tour Around Malta


Malta is home to a lot of scenes from Game of Thrones’ season 1. From forts, to open areas and gardens that were used in different settings, you’ll find all the Maltese locations used here.

If you’d like to follow your favourite character’s footsteps from the series, then you’re in the right place. Here’s a Game of Thrones Malta tour of some special scenes and scenery.

1. Forti Ricasoli, Valletta

fort ricasoli featured in the game of thrones

You’ll probably recognise this sight as The Gate of the Gods of King’s Landing. It first appeared on Game of Thrones in Season 1, Episode 3 when the Starks reach King’s Landing. It featured again in Season 1, Episode 5, where Arya tries to reenter the Red Keep and is stopped by the guards who mistake her for a pickpocket.

If the site is in use, you won’t be able to visit it up close, but you can view this fort from afar from the Upper Barrakka Gardens or get a boat ride and travel to its vicinity.

2. The Gate of Mdina

The mdina gate in the game of thrones

This majestic Mdina gate is featured in Season 1, Episode 3, where Catelyn and Ser Rodrik Cassel ride into King’s Landing to figure out what led to Bran’s fall. It’s also where Ned bids farewell to Catelyn as she sets off from King’s Landing after the death of King Robert.

3. Mesquita Square, Mdina

piazza mesquita as seen in the game of thrones

In Season 1, Episode 5, the Mesquita Square inside of Mdina is seen as the home of Petyr Baelish’s bordello, as well as the Street of Steel, where the smiths have their shops.

4. St Dominic Convent, Rabat

st dominic convent in the game of thrones

You might know the St Dominic Convent in Rabat more as the Red Keep Garden in Season 1, Episode 7. This is the place where Ned Stark confronts Cersei about her twin brother being the father of her children.

Here is where he threatens to tell Robert on his return from his hunt and Cersei replies ‘When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.’

5. Mtahleb cliffs

mtahleb cliffs scene in the game of thrones

This location is associated with the Dothraki in the Game of Thrones, being home to the camp scenes in Season 1, Episode 9 and 10.

Khal Drogo collapsed here and this was also the location of his funeral. However, the scene you’ll remember the most is the one where Daenerys emerges from the flames with her baby dragons.

6. Fort St Angelo

mtahleb cliffs at fort st angelo

You’ll find Fort St Angelo in Birgu, right at the centre of the Grand Harbour.

You’ll see this fort in Game of Thrones as the place that Ned Stark was imprisoned in under the Red Keep before being beheaded.

It’s also where Arya chases the cat into the dungeons while sword training and overhears Varys and Magister Illyrio Mopatis of Pentos in Season 1, Episode 5.

7. San Anton Palace

game of thrones scene in the san anton palace

The Maltese President’s residence which is a must see whether or not you’re into Game of Thrones. This place made a number of appearances in season 1.

In Episode 3, it’s where the Starks arrive at the Red Keep. In episode 8, it’s where a number of the Starks’ attendants are murdered by the Lannister soldiers.

In episode 4, it is used as the Red Keep Gardens where Ned and Littlefinger talk about the actions of the previous Hand right before Ned’s death.

8. Verdala palace

game of thrones scene at the verdala palace

Verdala Palace is known to residents as the official summer residence of the President of Malta. However, to Game of Thrones fans, it’s known better as Illyrio’s Mansion, where Daenerys and Viserys meet Khal Drogo for the first time in Season 1 Episode 1.

9. Azure window

games of thrones at the azure window

Or what’s left of it now. You won’t see it in the basking glory that it enjoyed when it was filmed in Game of Thrones, as most of it is now under seas after it collapsed in 2017.

However, you can still choose to go see its remnants, or even go scuba diving to see it underseas if you please.

You’ll know the Azure window from Season 1 Episode 1 as the backdrop to the Dothraki wedding between Daenerys and Khal Drogo.

10. Fort Manoel

game of thrones scene at the fort manoel

A sad location for all Game of Thrones fans, as this is the place where Ned Stark’s execution is filmed in Season 1 episode 9, doubling as the steps of the Great Sept of Baelor.

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