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Everything you need to know about Gozo’s Inland Sea


Malta and Gozo’s geology has created some beautiful natural features for us to enjoy.

And the Inland Sea is one unique attraction you won’t want to miss.

Grab your smartphone and fill your Instagram feed with some stunning shots of this Gozo gem!

Where is the Inland Sea?

The small enclosed lagoon at Dwejra in Gozo is linked to the sea through an impressive canyon stretching almost 80 metres in length.

The walls on both sides of the rock arch are deep, vertical and overhanging for most of the way.

But the view as you look ahead into the deep indigo blue of the open sea is spectacular.

Gozo Inland Sea

It’s a top diving spot

The Inland Sea is one of the most spectacular dive sites in Europe.

Legendary French maritime explorer Jacques Cousteau once revealed that diving in the Inland Sea was among 10 best dives of his life.

It’s very popular with diving enthusiasts even today and can be done on the same day as the Blue Hole dive, located nearby.

The dive at the Inland Sea includes some stunning lighting effects created by the sunlight hitting the water.

Light inside the tunnel is usually not a problem however some divers bring a torch to explore the tunnel walls.

Once you exit the tunnel, the seabed drops to beyond 30m and you can choose to dive on the right or left side of the tunnel.

You’ll see plenty of marine life such as John Dory, Octopus, Cardinal Fish, Barracuda, Parrot Fish, Spotted Doris and much more.

What else is there to see and do?

If diving is not you’re thing, don’t worry. There are plenty of other things to at the Inland Sea.

You can take a boat and go on a sightseeing trip or choose a rambling tour and walk around the towering cliffs.

Gozo inland sea cave

What do TripAdvisor reviewers think?

One tourist from Scotland wrote: ‘We took the boat trip from the inland sea through a rock tunnel to explore the caves and rock formations beyond. It was brilliant!

‘The guide was very informative in two languages and handled the boat very skillfully. Just 4 euros each. Fantastic value!’

Brian from Melbourne in Australia added: ‘We took the small boat trip which took us from the inland sea through the natural rock arch to the sea.

‘It’s about a 15 minute trip along the coast visiting some caves, and the place where the Azure Wndow used to be before it collapsed.’

bird's eye view of the inland sea in Gozo

Alexia from Poland posted: ‘Despite the collapse of Azure Window this part of island is still worth visiting.

‘The Inland Sea is a nice place to relax and swim, you can take a boat but also swim into the tunnel yourself.’

John from Wiltshire in England said: ‘Another wonderful spectacle in Gozo.

‘Quite a unique spectacle. Apart from the tunnel, it is not obvious where the sea comes from. Just another one of Gozo’s must-see places.’

Laura from Wales wrote: ‘Great views especially at sunset. Highly recommend.

‘It’s a lovely place to swim. Fantastic photo opportunities and good boat trips.’

Dwejra is one of the most popular dive sites in Gozo.

Photos: Adin Vella, Bay Easy , John Fox

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