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Woah! Breathtaking images of Valletta from the air


These stunning new aerial shots of Malta’s capital city almost make you wish you could fly.

Bird's eye view of valletta

Valletta is seen in a dazzling display of multi-coloured lights in a series of breathtaking images captured from above by professional photographer Fritz Grimm.

for st.elmo at night

The spectacle shows the city from every gorgeous angle in the final minutes before sunset.

Iconic landmarks including Triton Fountain, Fort St Elmo and the Upper Barrakka Gardens are captured in the amazing images.

fort st.elmo at night

The sky, almost clear except for some high cloud, is a beautiful colour with a hint of gold.

Photographer Fritz Grimm moved to Malta from his native Germany in 2012 and has spent the past seven years capturing Malta in all its glory.

triton fountain at night

He said: ‘Malta has given me the opportunity to truly unleash the artist within me.

‘I love heading out to be at one with the landscape, and I felt it was time I gave something back to this beautiful country that has given me so much.’

upper Barrakka gardens at night

More images can been seen on Fritz’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

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