Your Easy Guide to Malta

Immerse yourself in Malta’s village life


It’s interesting to see that a visit to one of Malta’s villages will show you a different side to Maltese living. Just by a mere stroll around the quieter side streets and alley ways, you will experience a calmer, more serene lifestyle.

Identifying traditional villages

There are many towns around Malta which have an old village core. Even large towns have such a place and the village core is easily distinguishable. If you head into an area of a town flanked by historical townhouses, with churches nestled between cobbled streets and narrow alleys, you have found the village core.

Village Core Life

Residents in village cores tend to be older although this is somewhat changing due to the popularity of living in renovated historical townhouses among the younger generations. Throughout village history, it was tradition that generations of the same family were born and raised within the same areas, forming tightly-knit communities

Socialising is done on your front doorstep

Socialising in the village is done on what the Maltese call parapett, meaning front doorstop. A walk-through the alleyways and side streets of Siggiewi, close to the main Church, you will find families sitting on chairs outside their doorsteps, having a drink and a chat among themselves.

Events in the village square

Throughout the summer months, events are organized in village squares around Malta. It is common for such events to take place close to a church or chapel and they usually include live music, food stalls and a place to sit and have a drink – there might even be a game of bingo. Such an event can be found in September at the Victory Chapel in the town of Birkirkara.

The village festa

Every summer, each town and village in Malta celebrates its patron saint in the form of feast, what the Maltese call festa. Preparations begin weeks before and are religious décor can be seen throughout with saintly statues across each street corner and colourful streamers above the street lights. The village festa is considered the village’s highlight of the year among local residents.

Taking a quiet stroll

There is something unique about taking a stroll in a village core when the sun has gone down and night-time has set it. Streets are lit up by the orange-hued antique lights and cobbled narrow alleyways, give a historical, almost magical feel to the area.

But what about Winter?

Most traditional aspects of village life are mainly seen throughout the summer, however during the months of Winter, residents can be seen walking to their local bakery with their Sunday roast in hand to roast in the village bakery’s wood-burning oven. Many can also be seen carrying pots of food for older relatives within the area especially on Sundays.

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