Your Easy Guide to Malta

Amazing colour photos show life in Malta 50 years ago


Mgarr Harbour in GozoA photographer has released a series of fascinating images capturing life in Malta 50 years ago.

The extraordinary photos show iconic landmarks such as Valletta’s Grand Harbour and Xlendi Bay in Gozo as well as scenes from everyday life in the Maltese Islands.

Jim Payne, who runs the Through Their Eyes history website, said the photos date back to 1967.

He told us: ‘These pictures weren’t intended as ‘art’, but more to document where I was and when.

‘Interest in them started after I put some of them up on my website and later on Flickr. Perhaps it’s nostalgia for times past.’

So stop what you’re doing for a few minutes and take a look at how Malta looked 50 years ago.

1. Lacemaking in Gozo

Lacemaking in Gozo

2. HMS St Angelo in Vittoriosa

HMS St Angelo in Vittoriosa

3. The ferry to Gozo at Marfa

The ferry to Gozo at Marfa

4. Tourists buy lace in Xlendi

Tourists buy lace in Xlendi

5. Swimming at the Dragonara Hotel in St Julian’s

Dragonara hotel in St.Julian's

6. Mgarr Harbour in Gozo

Mgarr Harbour in Gozo

7. Manikata’s modern church

8. Ramla Bay is unspoilt

Ramla Bay is unspoilt

9. Marsalforn Harbour in Gozo

Marsalforn Harbour in Gozo

10. By the waterfront at Valletta’s Grand Harbour

The waterfront at Valletta's Grand Harbour

11. St Nicholas Square in Siggiewi

St Nicholas Square in Siggiewi

12. Hagar Qim temples near Qrendi

Hagar Qim temples near Qrendi

13. Gozo’s iconic Azure Window

Gozo's iconic Azure Window

Read more: Through Their

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