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Malta facts in figures: The Maltese Islands by numbers


Obsessed with Malta and want to learn more about it?

Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered with our round-up of astounding facts about Malta, told in numbers.

Whoever said numbers are boring?

Grand Harbour Valletta

1,265 – Malta is the most densely populated country in the EU with about 1,265 inhabitants per square kilometre

1 – The island of Comino is virtually uninhabited apart from one hotel

316 – Malta is 316 km² in size and could fit into London five times

50,000 – It would take more than 50,000 Statues of Liberty lined in a row to reach New York from Malta

Golden Bay

1980 – The year that Popeye – starring Robin Williams and filmed at Anchor Bay in Malta – was released

6,500,000 – The total number of passengers at Malta’s airport in 2018

10 – Out of 196 countries in the world, Malta is the 10th smallest in size

379,338 – The number of cars on Malta’s roads in 2019

ramla bay cave view

2.5 – The average amount of cups of tea we drink daily in Malta

0.8 – Valletta is the smallest national capital in the European Union at 0.8 km2

420,456 – The current population of Malta, based on the latest United Nations estimates

43.8 – The warmest temperature ever recorded in Malta, in August 1999

St.Peter's Pool

83.7 – The average age a female in Malta can expect to live to – higher than the European average

5,000 – The estimated age in years of Hagar Qim, the best preserved ancient limestone temple on Malta

1.4 – The coldest temperature ever recorded in Malta, at Luqa Airport in January 1981

40,000 – The average number of music fans in the audience at the annual Isle of MTV Malta concert in Floriana

Floriana concert malta

42 – The amount of days per year that the average man in his thirties spends commuting in Malta.

30 – The percentage of Maltese people who are online for more than six hours per day.

28 – The average temperature in Malta in July, the hottest month of the year.

89.7 – The frequency of Malta’s number one radio station for more than a decade, 89.7 Bay

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