Your Easy Guide to Malta

Museums to visit in Malta on a budget


Malta is brimming with museums and historical locations waiting for you to explore.

Its strategic position in the middle of the Mediterranean has made Malta an attractive location for rulers all over the world throughout the years.

The result of this today is a great number of museums, historical caves and temples all over the island that those with a passion for history will surely enjoy and appreciate.

Are you a history lover visiting Malta on a budget? Take a look at these historical sites that you can visit for €7 or less.

1. St Paul’s Catacombs

st paul's catacombs entrance

Travel back in time to the 4th – 8th century Malta through St Paul’s catacombs. This underground space was used both as a burial ground to lay the dead to rest, as well as a secret meeting point for the Christians to celebrate mass in a time where they were persecuted.  

Situated in Rabat, these catacombs are one of the earliest symbols of Christianity in Malta.

What will be waiting for you:

  • A small museum displaying a collection of coins, Egyptian and Roman artefacts.
  • A secret pathway directing you to the church of St Paul.
  • Various tomb types showcasing the skills in early centuries to dig out empty spaces in fascinating ways.  

Entrance Fee: €5

2. Malta Maritime Museum

malta maritime museum

If you hold a special place in your heart for the sea, you’re definitely on the right track looking for things to do in Malta.

Apart from the numerous beaches, both sandy and rocky that you can visit, there’s also a very rich history behind Malta’s waters that you can explore at the Malta Maritime Museum.

What will be waiting for you:

  • There are artefacts related to the Mediterranean’s maritime history from prehistory to present day.
  • Showcases the larger known roman anchor in the world.
  • You can see the largest ship model belonging to the order of St John.
  • Has the largest collection of canons of the island.
  • Visit a collection of over 60 boats.
  • Houses a one-of-a-kind collection of over 20,000 artefacts belonging to Malta’s maritime past.
  • It’s Malta’s largest museum.

Entrance Fee: €5

3. National Museum of Archaeology

malta museum of archaeology artifact

History lovers, you’re in for a treat. Visiting this museum means that you’ll be seeing artefacts dating back from the Neolithic period to the Phoenician period of Maltese history.

What will be waiting for you:

  • The earliest tools used by people in prehistoric times to help with their everyday tasks.
  • Different representations of human and animal figures.
  • The ‘Sleeping Lady’ taken from the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum.
  • The ‘Venus of Malta’ taken from Hagar Qim temples.
  • The Horus and Anubis pendant from the Phoenician Period.

Entrance Fee: €5

4. Ghar Dalam Cave

Ghar Dalam Cave in Malta

Visit one of Malta’s most fascinating sites, the earliest prehistoric finding on the island.

Learn how the first inhabitants of Malta lived their lives and how animals which made their way to Malta during the ice age became extinct from the island.

What will be waiting for you:

  • Bones of Ice Age animals such as dwarf elephants, hippopotami, micro-mammals and birds.
  • Garden planted with indigenous plants and trees.
  • Remains of the first humans inhabiting Malta including pottery and other human artefacts.  

Entrance Fee: €5

5. Malta Toy Museum

Malta Toy Museum in Malta

Take a trip down memory lane in this lovely, quaint toy museum at the southern end of Republic Street Valletta. A little something for all the family, with toys to fascinate the young and memories to wash over the old.

What will be waiting for you:

  • Three floors of vintage toys to browse through.
  • Toys dating back to 1883.
  • Antique toys for sale.
  • Number of model trains and cars to view.
  • Dolls, doll houses, tea party sets and toy sewing machines.

Entrance Fee: €3

6. Malta Aviation Museum

Malta Aviation Museum in Malta

Another aspect of Maltese history to travel back to, this time in the world of aviation. With the main attraction being life-size planes from different time periods on display, plane lovers will want to list this museum down in their visit Malta bucket-list.

What will be waiting for you:

  • A chapel dedicated to all the air force servicemen who lost their lives in the defence of Malta.
  • Plain exhibits mostly from the Second World War and post-war periods.
  • Airframes from the Second World War period.
  • Henriette Chevalier Memorial Garden.

Entrance Fee: €7


7. Esplora Interactive Science Centre

Esplora Interactive Science Centre in Malta

Take a breath of fresh air from all the history heavy museums and walk into a modern science centre. Visit Malta’s most interactive and hands on museum; although it’s aimed mainly for kids, it definitely offers something for all the family to explore. A museum that encourages people of all ages to get hands-on with science.

What will be waiting for you:

  • Exhibits related to the planet, electricity, music, the human body and much more.
  • Interactive pieces like launching a hot-air balloon, playing a harp without strings and producing fireworks.
  • Entertaining and educational films in a 4k theatre planetarium.
  • Lunch at the Esplora café.
  • Check our website schedule to see week to week events.

Entrance Fee: €6

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