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Paranga’s your oyster: spectacular seafood by the water’s edge


A new and exciting culinary experience has come to Malta – Paranga’s 100 ways of fish. And what exactly does this mean for us diners? It means that throughout the summer, this eatery will be giving us 100 unique dishes of fish for us to choose from – some might say it’s a fish-lover’s paradise.

100 ways of tasting delicious, melt-in-your-mouth, fresh fish

You get to taste 100 ways of eating fresh fish and shellfish.  Fresh fish is brought in daily and all recipes come from Italian and Sicilian origins. You can order any type of fresh fish available in a variety of ways. Your fish can be baked in salt crust, simmered in a casserole, barbecued, pan fried, poached – the options are limitless.

So, what to order?

With 100 mouth-watering fish dishes to choose from, it is hard to decide. You can get your palette tingling with spicy cozze in pentola or you can go for more texture and crunch with the fritto misto. You can also order the fresh catch of the day, cooked in any way you like.

Grilled fish and shellfish

Summertime is perfect to get that sizzle, and at Paranga’s 100 ways of fish, you can have grilled mussels, prawns and octopus; even the fresh fish of the day is available for grilling. There is also the option of barbecued fish such as calamari.

What about the wine?

A glass of wine will go down a treat at Paranga’s 100 ways of fish. The restaurant’s friendly staff offer guidance on the ideal wine to accompany your meal. Try the Chablis Premier Cru with the Astice Grigliata alla Catalana.

A sweet ending

What better way to end your sumptuous meal of 100 ways of eating fish than with a perfect dessert. You can complete your Italian culinary experience with a creamy and delicious Tiramisu made with savoiardi biscuits, amaretto and a touch of coffee. For a healthier option enjoy a fresh fruit salad or a sorbet to cleanse the palette.

Where can you enjoy 100 ways of eating fish?

Located in Malta’s entertainment hub, Paranga offers 100 ways of eating fish in a chic dining experience. With decked seating area, overlooking the calm Mediterranean Sea, the restaurant is a place where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the view along with 100 ways of eating fish.

How to book a table

You can reserve a table online by visiting or just call the Intercontinental Hotel, Malta to place your booking.

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