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Remarkable photos show Valletta life 100 years ago


Just one photo can say so much about the history of a city and its people.

These remarkable pictures were taken more than 100 years ago by Valletta-based photographer Salvatore Lorenzo Cassar.

What emerges are glimpses of every day life Malta at the time – horse carts making deliveries, men pushing a barrow, a boy selling that day’s newspaper.

His work provides us with a visual record of Valletta, with its Grand Harbour and glorious but much-missed Royal Opera House in 1914.

What’s amazing is how much the city has changed but in some ways looks pretty much the same.

1. Kingsway with the Royal Opera House on the right

Kingsway with the Royal Opera House on the right

2. The view from King’s Gate across to Floriana

The view from King's Gate across to Floriana

3. Cannons fire from the Saluting Battery

3. Cannons fire from the Saluting Battery

4. Another busy day in the Grand Harbour

Grand Harbour Valletta

5. The majestic King’s Gate entrance

5. The majestic King's Gate entrance

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