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The 5 Valletta streets you have to visit


Visiting Valletta and not quite sure where to head to? Here are the capital city’s five main streets that should definitely be on your visit Valletta bucket list!

1. Republic Street

republic street Valletta

Known as the home of the Parliament building, the Royal Opera House and the longest standing and most probably the most popular café in the city.

What will truly capture your attention here is the number of shops all lined up next to each other, making every shopaholic’s dream come true. Need a break from the shops? You’ll find cafés in the different sqaures, welcoming you into the shade.

2. Merchant Street

Merchant Street Valletta

With the recently refurbished ‘Suq tal-Belt’ that is now a food court, Merchant Street is definitely a must-see if you’re visiting Valletta.

Prior to the refurbishment of ‘is-Suq tal-Belt’, the market was held here; now, you can find the daily Valletta market in Ordnance street, Valletta.

The shops continue from Republic Street to this one, but it also has a great number of eating establishments, including a very popular sweet shop for anyone who has a sweet tooth.

3. Strait Street

Strait Street Valletta

Or as the Maltese refer to it ‘Strada Stretta’, is easily the most famous street in Malta.

Between the 19th and mid-20th century, this street in Valletta was all the rage with American and British sailors passing through the country. This street was popular enough with Maltese people to merit its own TV drama, about life in the 1950s.

Nowadays, Strait street is as vibrant as it was, filled with bars, restaurants and live music. Just take your pick and enjoy the vibrant night life around you.   

 4. St Lucy Street

St Lucy Street Valletta

Apart from having a few shops that you can visit, this street is mostly known as one of Valletta’s most Instagrammable streets. Valletta was built in the form of a grid, so most of the streets may look more or less the same.

This one, however, tends to stand out from the rest, with its nice little stairway, it’s definitely a sight for sore eyes.  

5. Castille Square

Castille Square Valletta

A bustling square with lots of character; not something you’ll want to miss if you’re visiting Valletta.

This is where the old bus terminus used to be, and is home to the Auberge de Castille which houses the office of Malta’s Prime Minister.

If you’ve decided to visit the area and you’re into art, you can stop at the Centre of Creativity, at the St James Cavalier. Here you’ll be able to watch everything from Macbeth to a contemporary art exhibition.

If you’re more into outside spaces with a view, to the east of the square you’ll find the Upper Barakka Gardens. One of Valletta’s most beautiful gardens with a jaw dropping view of the Grand Harbour right in front of you.  

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