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The world’s best public toilet is found in Valletta


The fanciest public toilets in the world have been named – and they’re in Valletta.

EasyJet Traveller magazine put together its 12 best travel experiences for 2018, naming the best alternative places to visit on the planet.

The winner of the ‘best public toilet’ award was the loo in Strait Street in Valletta – and it’s easy to see why.

Like something from a fancy nightclub, they’re illuminated with neon lights and have heavy red, draped curtains at the entrance.

There’s even an attendant who wears a dinner jacket with a bow tie, and music plays inside the cubicles.

Strait Street’s toilets, designed by Chris Briffa Architects are not only the swankiest loos in the world, they only cost 30 cents to use!

It’s not just a toilet, it’s a theatrical experience. Our in-flight traveller magazine has named this Superloo in Valletta, Malta, the best public toilet in Europe. #easyJetbestof

Posted by easyJet on Monday, 3 December 2018

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