Your Easy Guide to Malta

Brighten up your Insta feed with these Maltese locations


Visiting Malta and want to take the perfect shot of the island to put it up on your Instagram feed? Then why not visit …

1. Dingli Cliffs

dingli cliffs Malta

You can take your pick from the little Instagrammable chapel in the middle of the road, to the secret walking path ways that take you to a whole new level of nature views.

This place is gorgeous on its own merits, so even walking around the area and snapping photos of the breath-taking sea views in front of you is enjoyable.

Either way, this location is the perfect spot for those seeking to enhance their Instagram feed. 

2. The Triton Fountain

To the Maltese people, this fountain is known as a convenient meeting spot right before entering Valletta, but to tourists it’s known as the perfect instagrammable land mark introducing you to Valletta.

When it comes to capturing the perfect shot of this fountain, you can either take a photo of this landmark basking in the sun, or wait for nightfall and for its lights to turn on. Either way, the gorgeous fountain of three bronze Tritons holding up a huge basin is bound to brighten up your Instagram feed.

3. The Blue Lagoon in Comino

We do recommend visiting these crystal blue waters in summer or on a nice warm day, as in winter you won’t easily find boats making their way to Comino.

Not only is the clear sea as inviting as ever to take a dip into, but it also invites anyone to snap the perfect shot and put it up on their feed.

4. The Grand Harbour

Known around the Mediterranean as the most beautiful port to set sail into, the Grand Harbour definitely makes the cut for one of Malta’s most instagrammable locations.

You can either take a shot of the Harbour from Sliema, or get up close and personal from the waterfront. No matter where you choose to take your shot from, all we know is that your Malta themed feed won’t be the same without a shot of the Grand Harbour!

5. Top of the World, Gharghur

This location is ideal for anyone who wants to move away from the hustle and bustle of the towns, and enjoy some peace and quiet.

Whether it’s taking a little walk along the pathway, or just sitting on the bench and appreciating the breath-taking view in front of you, Top of the World is definitely a must on your Instagram bucket list.

6. Marsaxlokk market

Not only is Marsaxlokk an instagrammable location, but also a shopper’s haven, with the market opening
every Sunday morningfrom the wee hours of the morning up till 3 pm.

From the different artisanal products you’ll find for sale to the typical Maltese food, pastries and sweets, you’ll definitely find something to put up on your feed in Marsaxlokk.

7. Spinola Bay, St Julian’s

This is definitely one of the most Instragrammable spots in St Julian’s. You can either walk past Spinola Bay along the promenade, or stop and take a photo of the many boats in the vicinity.

You’ll find the luzzu, the typical Maltese boat with the protective eye to steer you away from danger, and more modern boats. Capture the perfect shot of yourself in front of the gorgeous yachts and sea views to make all your followers envious of your trip.

8. Mdina Doors

There’s a greater chance that you’ll get lost in the beauty of the Mdina streets, rather than focus on the photos you should be taking, but Mdina does hold many options for any Instagram lover visiting the country.

You’ve got the various #Mdinadoors, and the gorgeous view from the bastions, looking down on the majority of Malta right below you. Definitely the perfect Instagram shot.

9. St Peter’s Pool

Capture the perfect shot of you jumping into the naturally formed pool of crystal blue waters, or just chill on a beach towel and make everyone envious of what you’re seeing with the photo of St Peter’s pool you’ve just uploaded on your Instagram feed.

10. Valletta from Sliema

There are different ways of how you can capture each angle of Valletta to brighten up your feed.

One of the lesser known ways is capturing a shot of Valletta’s view from Sliema, which is right opposite. You can even get the ferry from Sliema to Valletta and take an up close and personal photo of the gorgeous view.

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