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Valletta is officially the sunniest city in Europe


Planning a city break this year?

Why not visit the sunniest city in Europe?

Valletta has been ranked top of the weather charts for the third year in a row – with more than double the amount of sunshine than Manchester.

That’s right, Malta is twice as sunny as Manchester.

Valletta outshines other major Mediterranean cities too – with more than 100 hours more sunshine than the next sunniest city, Marseilles.

Researchers analysed the weather in 60 cities across Europe and concluded that four of the dullest cities were in Britain – Glasgow, Birmingham, London and Manchester.

The 10 sunniest cities in Europe

Valletta – 3,095 hours of sunshine
Marseilles – 2,858
Lisbon – 2,799
Madrid – 2,769
Athens – 2,771
Nice – 2,724
Monaco – 2,724
Tirana – 2,544
Barcelona – 2,524
Podgorica – 2,480

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