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WATCH: Stunning footage shows Gozo’s beauty from above


An award-winning documentary maker has revealed he can’t wait to return to Gozo to capture more of the island’s ‘spectacular’ scenery.

British photographer and drone pilot Nathan Jermy has shot aerial footage in more than 20 counties – including Ireland, Wales, Norway and Sweden – but insists Gozo is extra special because of the warm light.

Gozo, like Malta, enjoys around 300 days of glorious sunshine each year on average, making it ideal for photographers and film makers.

Nathan spent just a day in Gozo but somehow managed to create a stunning aerial video, capturing the island’s beauty from the sky.

The island of Gozo in 60 seconds by Nathan Jermy

Nathan told ‘Gozo is perfect location to fly a drone as there are not a lot of people around and the island isn’t overly busy. 

‘A lot of Gozo’s amazing sites are by the coast which makes for ideal drone flying in the right wind conditions.

‘The architecture is bold and beautiful dominating the landscape, so it’s easy to make it look spectacular.

‘Because of my limited time I had to fly most of the time in bright sunshine. 

‘By using filters, I was still able to capture some cinematic footage. 

‘I want to return and spend a week in Gozo, so I can plan more shots and take more photos.’

Xwejni salt pans near Marsalforn in Gozo

What makes Gozo great?

Gozo is a dream – and was made for Instagram.

The island is a prettier, greener and quieter version of Malta with a much more laid-back approach.

Whatever the season, you’re guaranteed to feel more chilled and relaxed and after a few days on Gozo.

The island is also home to temples older than the Egyptian pyramids, a huge church with the third largest unsupported dome in the world, and amazing geology such the Blue Hole, Calypso’s Cave, the Inland Sea, Xlendi Bay and Fungus Rock.

Fungus Rock at Dwejra in Gozo

Gozo is ready to welcome you with its breathtaking natural scenery, a coastline dotted with beaches, warm hospitable people and a history that spans over 7000 years.

From beautiful walks and historic sights, to seaside resorts and quaint villages, there’s something for everyone on this little gem in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

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