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Why Gozo’s Blue Hole is a true diving paradise


Gozo has yet again been crowned Europe’s top diving destination of the year.

The European Best Destinations guide heaps praise on Gozo for its crystal clear waters and sunny weather.

It said: ‘Gozo offers you the best climate in Europe as well as warm waters throughout the year.

‘Discover the underwater depths of the Mediterranean in the clear waters of Gozo island at anytime since diving is possible all year round.

‘Moreover the inhabitants of Gozo are very friendly and generous people, they will make you adore their incredible island.’

And we have to agree!

Few islands in the world can boast such clean and clear azure waters as Gozo.

The high visibility is coupled with warmer sea temperatures than you might expect in other locations. And then there are all the beautiful wrecks and sea caves to explore, with dozens of dive sites off Gozo alone.

Quite simply, Gozo is a diver’s paradise – and the most popular diving spot in Gozo is the Blue Hole at Dwejra.


Blue Hole in Gozo

What is the Blue Hole?

Blue Hole in Dwerja is probably the most famous scuba dive site in Gozo, and one of the most beautiful dives in the Maltese Islands. It’s great place for swimming and free diving.

Gozo’s iconic Blue Hole is a natural rock formation resembling an upright tube.

It has been carved out by thousands of years of wind and wave power.

The depth in Blue Hole is around 15 metres.

A beautiful archway or underwater window leads from the hole into the open sea at around nine metres deep.

The walls of the hole are covered with colourful coral tubeworms, sponges and other small marine life.

Dwejra under water

To reach the Blue Hole, you need to walk over ancient limestone rocks. A shallow-water shelf then leads to a sudden drop which offers a sheltered entry for divers.

A large cave at the bottom of the hole is also worth exploring.

Some spectacular scenery awaits you at the back of the cave, which is why this area is considered as one of the most spectacular dive sites in Europe.

Blue Hole dive is usually combined with diving the remains of the former Azure Window.

You  can also enter from Inland Sea and exit through Blue Hole, or vice versa.

Blue Hole

How to get to the Blue Hole in Dwejra, Gozo?

The Blue Hole is in Dwejra, on the far west coast of Gozo.

If you’re driving, simply follow the signs to the Inland Sea and the former Azure Window. The natural arch crashed into the sea during a ferocious storm in March 2017.

It was featured in the first episode of the HBO series Game of Thrones as well as in several films.

A frequent bus service also stops next to the Blue Hole, operated by Malta Public Transport. Route 311 runs between Victoria and Dwejra.

Dwejra, Gozo

Stay safe at sea!

The Blue Hole is not sheltered from the open sea so don’t be tempted to enter the water when the sea swells, as things can change quickly.

Underwater visibility is at its clearest in September, October and November, though you will need a wet suit to withstand the colder water.

The Blue Hole is a good dive for all level of divers as there are several depths and routes to choose from.

It’s ideal for scuba divers and free-divers only, not for snorkelers.

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